Happy Physical Fitness Friday!

Now that we are officially into spring and headed into the summer, I think it's the perfect opportunity to exercise outdoors! Now, some people like my friend Moody mentioned in his comment last week, have the luxury of living in a city where the climate allows for exercising outdoors pretty much all year round. But for those of us that experience colder months, getting outside to exercise is more of a challenge. So, quite often you are relegated to the confines of a gym or workout dvd's at home. Now, I have nothing against the gym or home workouts, I take part in both, but there is really something to be said for getting outside to get your body moving!

So, I have been taking full advantage of the warm weather! I often go to a park very close to my house that has a very nice walking trail through the woods and get in some speed walking mileage. I also do some extra workouts using the equipment provided there..the bench! LOL! I get a good leg workout in by doing some step-ups on the bench as well as dips and push-ups. (See pics below)

Exercising outside is such a nice change of atmosphere and I actually feel more motivated to know I have this option! I find it also very healing to the mind to be out there in nature. Always be wise in choosing the time of day to exercise outside. I find it best to go in the mornings before 10:00 a.m. or late in the afternoon once the sun has gone down some.

Also be creative, there are many ways to exercise outdoors, such as tennis, rollerblading, basketball, outdoor bootcamps and kickball to name a few (yes, kickball from back in the day. Many cities now have leagues you can join). There are so many more options for you to explore to get you out of the house or the gym and into the great outdoors!

So, lace up your shoes and get outside to play!


  1. Ooooh girl! You look like a pro! You defintitely motivate me to do what I need to do in the arena of physical activity. I have been slacking! Well thanks for the reminder.

  2. Oh and that kickball comment brought back some memories. It sounds like so much fun! We need to make a league of our own!

  3. Thank you and you're welcome!! That is what I aim to do..glad to see it's working!

    Yes, we should!!!


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