Welcome to The Truth According To..Thursdays! Today we will feature The Truth According to...Me about the false perception many people have that veganism is difficult and boring.

I started out as a Vegetarian back in 2001 based on a conversation with my brother-in-law about the consumption of meat. As we discussed it, I started to feel a little sick to my stomach as I thought about it so candidly. So, I decided to experiment with giving it up for a week. During this particular week, I gave up everything except fish and dairy. Well, when the end of the week rolled around and I had free reign to resume eating meat, I had no desire to do so. I realized that I didn't miss it. Now, I wasn't what I consider to be a big meat eater at the time anyway. I did eat meat yes, but I wasn't a lover of meat. It was just something I was raised on, so I ate it and didn't think much about it.

What I really loved was cheese, thus prompting the roller coaster ride I would go on for the next few years trying to give that up! Pizza and cheesecake were two of my FAVORITE things to eat, so letting go of cheese was more of a struggle for me. But in 2006, I became a full-fledged Vegan and I have not looked back since and I do not miss a thing! I see you saying, "yeah, right", but I really don't!

I have discovered SO many Vegan recipes that it would be impossible for me to get bored. I LOVE to eat and being a vegan has not changed that one bit! There are now so many options popping up all over the place for vegans. There are countless websites and blogs, restaurants, cookbooks, you name it and it's out there. Being a vegan does not lead you to a life of bland eating by any means. If anything, it forces you to discover so many fruits, vegetables, beans and grains you may not even pay attention to as a meat eater. Veganism puts you in a position to discover food in a way you may not eating meat.

I am the only person in my family that is Vegan, but let me tell you that me and JJ (my boyfriend who is also Vegan) have prepared many Vegan meals and proven to them how good it can be and if asked I'm sure they will confirm what I'm saying. My Vegan chocolate chip cookies are also a hit. I even sold 400 to a steakhouse of all places last year to give out to their guests on Valentine's Day!

As for Veganism being difficult, well I guess it depends on the individual, but most things are only as difficult as your mind makes them to be. If Veganism is something you are curious about and interested in trying, then I don't believe it's that difficult because you have already put your mind in a position to accept and try something different. This is something that you must do with an open heart. If you are negative about it and have no interest, then there is really no point is there?

I always suggest to people who are trying to cut back or cut out meat completely to try giving it up once or twice a week and see how that goes first and then go from there. Listen to your body and be open to try new foods to substitute the meat. There are plenty of resources out there to help you do this. If you find giving it up once or twice a week doesn't phase you then gradually pull back more and more and see what happens. Also, it's important to research and learn about Veganism so you really understand it for yourself.

Lastly, the main piece of advice I received long ago that I ALWAYS seem to repeat to people about Veganism, is to think about what you can have vs. what you can't have. I am willing to bet you will see more options than not to satisfy those taste buds!

In closing, I want to reiterate the purpose of this site is to educate and assist those wanting to learn more and transition into the veggie life! It is only as difficult or boring as you make it as with anything else. I am always open to your questions and hope this site opens your eyes and your mouths to how exciting Veganism can be!

In truth, love and health!



  1. I don't know Christa...I'm still cringing at the thought of giving up meat, but once or twice a week definitely sounds do-able.

  2. LOL! I hear you Ash, but it's really not as hard as you think like I said in the post. Just try doing it once or twice a week as you say and see what happens!! Keep me posted!

    Also, thanks so much for the compliment! :-)


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