I am so excited to have you veg' out with me! I decided to embark upon creating a blog dedicated to Veganism and here it is!

I have been Vegetarian since 2001 and a full-fledged Vegan since 2006. Recently I have been approached quite frequently with various questions about my personal experiences with Veganism and asked for tips and advice for transitioning into this way of life. So, I decided to create this blog as an outlet to share tips, research and recipes to inspire and educate people about Veganism. It is my hope this blog will be interesting and inspiring to meat eaters and Vegans alike. Not only will I share information on being Vegan, I will also share tips and information about leading a physically active lifestyle. I am not a nutritionist nor a doctor, so I will draw on experts in the field to provide information as well as what works for me!

I invite you to Veg out with me daily. Each day of the week will have its own theme. These are subject to change in the future, but for now they are as follows:

Move Over Meat Mondays: Meat free recipes, tips, facts about Veganism
Talk It Out Tuesdays: Send me questions through the comments section and I will respond the following Tuesday. If no questions are received, this post will highlight answers to commonly asked questions about Veganism.
Whatever Wednesdays: Various information and insights on physical fitness, Veganism or recipes.
The Truth According To...Thursdays: Research and information from either myself or experts in the field.
Physical Fitness Fridays: Exercise tips and ideas
Sweet Tooth Saturdays: Sweet Recipes
Savory Sundays: Savory Recipes

So, let's start Veggin'!


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