Happy Move Over Meat Monday everyone!

Today I'm going to continue to address veggie burgers. I got a very good and interesting comment from my post yesterday, so I'm going to share the comment and then provide my thoughts.

Sherman said:

Thanks. I've never eaten a mushroom burger. They just don't sound too appealing. I see a lot of veggie burgers on the market. It would be great if you had the time to recommend your favorite veggie sausage, and veggie chicken brands.

I decided to introduce more veggie products in my diet and was looking for a veggie breakfast sausage. I couldn't read half the stuff in the ingredients and discovered they had more sodium than the minimally processed chicken sausage that I usually buy which lists just three ingredients. I decided to leave them on the shelf because though they were veggie products, they didn't seem too healthy. It seems a lot of manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon but aren't really offering things that are really healthy.

First, I want to congratulate you Sherman for trying to integrate more veggie products in your diet! As for the mushroom burgers, if you follow the method/recipe I posted last week and just give it a try, you really might like it! I know it sounds strange, but it's all about branching out and being a little adventurous! :-) If you like black beans, you can try the black bean burger recipe I posted about as well!

Now, on to the veggie burgers. I mentioned Amy's brand (The California Burger) because that is the only one I like and buy. I did branch off and tried another brand last week. It only had four ingredients, but I didn't like the flavor or texture. I could not agree with you more about some of the brands that are on the market. Many of them have way to many foreign ingredients so you're better off not going that route as you mentioned. I think the rule of thumb in anything you buy in a package is you should be able to pronounce and understand everything in the ingredients. Amy's brand of the California Burger has a few simple vegetable ingredients and it really is tasty!

As for the veggie sausage and veggie chicken brands, I'm afraid I can't be of assistance because I don't buy them. This is where I would recommend you choosing brands that contain simple ingredients and doing taste tests until you come across something you like.

The main thing to remember is to try to shape the majority of your diet around living whole foods. I understand that when people try to cut back on their meat intake or cut it out altogether, they look for meat substitutes to make up for the real meat. So, that is why I wanted to discuss the mushroom burgers, black bean burgers and veggie burgers as options when you really want a chicken sandwich or burger but want to fight that temptation and need something to replace it. But the idea is to not make veggie burgers or soysage or those types of products your mainstay. I think for the transition they may be fine, but it is something to monitor. Whole grains can really give you the substance you seek as well as an alternative to eating meat.

The key is having an open mind and experimenting. Also, as I mentioned yesterday, there are many recipes online and in vegan cookbooks for making your own veggie burgers at home as well! In the very near future, I intend to do this myself. I will try some recipes that I find and take pictures and blog about them to give you some further options, so stay tuned for that!

So, I hope this offers some further clarification for everyone. When buying veggie burgers and other meat substitutes, keep it simple and make sure you understand all the ingredients. Also, seek out other foods and recipes to satisfy the substance you may be craving. Lastly, please keep asking questions and leaving comments. I will always do my best to answer and assist to the best of my ability, as well as continue to offer ideas and alternatives.

So, Sherman thanks again for your comments and questions. I'm glad you brought up that extremely valid point about ingredients and please keep me posted about any good products you find!