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Happy Friday to you! Welcome to this edition of Physical Fitness Fridays! As I mentioned last Friday, for the next few Fridays, I will be posting about alternative exercises you can try to vary your workout routine.

Today, I'm going to discuss Pilates. I happen to enjoy Pilates and will often pop in my Pilates dvd just to switch things up!

Here is some more skinny on Pilates:

Pilates was developed from rehabilitation techniques by Joseph Pilates. It's an exercise system using a floor mat or equipment.

Pilates builds strength without the excess bulk for an overall toned physique. You gain body awareness and good posture. It helps to improve flexibilty, strength and injury prevention. It also helps you to focus on your breathing which is beneficial outside of the actual Pilates practice.

I strongly recommend trying Pilates if you haven't already. I have practiced Pilates just using a mat or floor at home and I also had a private Pilates class when I lived in NYC where I was able to use the equipment and it was quite amazing I must say.

Pilates is very popular, so I'm sure if you haven't tried it, you have at least heard of it and there are classes just about everywhere, so you shouldn't have any problem finding one. For more information on Pilates, click here.

As always, let me know if you try it!


  1. Hey Christa, isn't pilates mostly for women? I'm almost sure pilates lowers testosterone levels. I'd love to find a new way to work out and perhaps add some flexibility but not if I'm going to be seen as some sort of ballet boy. Do you know of any men that take pilates?

  2. LOL, ballet boy, that is hilarious! No, pilates isn't mostly for women. I believe that is a huge misconception. Pilates was started from rehabilitation techniques from Joseph Pilates..a man!! I suggest you look locally for a class and you could always call ahead and ask if there are men that take the class to make you feel more comfortable. If you still are unsure, head on over to the store and purchase a pilates dvd and no one will know! LOL! If you have comcast, you can also go to the on-demand menu and go to exercise tv to see if they have any pilates workouts.

    It is great for flexibilty and I think you will really like it. Please keep me posted and let me know how it goes!


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