Happy Physical Friday Everybody!

Today's topic is Yoga.

Here are some informational tidbits from

The word yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, the language of India where yoga originated.

Yoga is more than just stretching, it is about creating balance in the body to develop strength and flexibility. Each pose that is performed during the yoga practice has specific physical benefits.

Some of the health benefits include:

Increased flexibility and strength

Muscle tone- it helps build long, lean muscles.

Pain Prevention- with increased strength and flexibility, yoga helps prevent some types of back pain.

Improved Breathing- yoga breathing exercises help you to focus more on the breath and how to better use our lungs.

Body Awareness-Yoga can give you an increased awareness of your body. Yoga gives you the ability to be in tune with your body's alignment in order to make adjustments. It can help give you better posture.

Mental Calmness-focusing on what you're body is doing, helps to ease the mind.

I can verify the above claims due to my own personal experience with yoga in the past. I used to practice yoga quite regularly some years ago with classes at my gym. Yoga did provide all of the benefits mentioned here.

I like to switch my physical routine up often, so that is why I haven't practiced it in a while. As a matter of fact, I just remembered that I purchased a yoga dvd not to long ago from Borders. I think I will be popping that in again very soon!

Let me know if you too decide to give yoga a try! For those of you that already have, please leave some comments about your experience for everyone to see!


  1. When I'm able, I like to go to Bikram Yoga. It takes getting used to, stretching in a 120 degree room is not only physically exhausting, You can get light headed and nauseous the first couple of days.

  2. This comes at a perfect time. I've heard about the benefits of yoga but u didn't know it helped with managing pain. How is it on arthritis of the knees? Perhaps I will take advantage of this tool. I like to swim for the same results. This will be a nice way to mix it up. Keep up with the suggestions. They help a lot.

  3. I posted as anonymous by mistake. Ditto to what was said. Any suggestions or advice on swimming?

  4. Hey Moody- I would love to try Bikram Yoga at some point. I have heard the same from other sources that it is intense, but I look forward to sweating it out one day!

  5. Hey lawyergrl2005- Yes, it does help with pain management and I think this would be something great for you! Since you asked about swimming-stay tuned for next week's edition and I focus on that as an exercise! Thanks for your comment!


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