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Welcome to Savory Sunday! Today I'm going to give you a quick alternative to the mushroom burgers I posted about last week. I know not everyone likes mushrooms, so I wanted to be sure to give you another option when you are skipping meat between a bun- Veggie Burgers!

There are many different varieties of veggie burgers on the market to try. However, you have to be sure to read labels because not all veggie burgers are created equal. Not all are vegan, so you must read the ingredients if that is what you are going for. This is a territory where you will have to branch out and become a little adventurous and try different ones to see what you like.

My favorite brand of veggie burgers are the frozen variety made by Amy's. Her California Veggie Burgers are 100% vegan and I think they are very good. Amy's has a whole line of vegetarian and vegan products that are very tasty. You can get information on her veggie burgers and other products by clicking here.

Many restaurants now also offer veggie burgers, so next time you're out I urge you to step outside of the box and try one instead of meat! Again, if you are trying to go the vegan route, be sure to ask your server if the veggie burger is vegan or vegetarian.

There are also many recipes available in cookbooks and on the web for preparing your own at home. I have yet to venture out to try this yet, but I'm sure I will in the near future.

So, rest assured you can still enjoy burgers AND be a vegan!


  1. Thanks. I've never eaten a mushroom burger. They just don't sound too appealing. I see a lot of veggie burgers on the market. It would be great if you had the time to recommend your favorite veggie sausage, and veggie chicken brands.

    I decided to introduce more veggie products in my diet and was looking for a veggie breakfast sausage. I couldn't read half the stuff in the ingredients and discovered they had more sodium than the minimally processed chicken sausage that I usually buy which lists just three ingredients. I decided to leave them on the shelf because though they were veggie products, they didn't seem too healthy. It seems a lot of manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon but aren't really offering things that are really healthy.


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