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Happy Sweet Tooth Saturday! Today, I wanted to discuss smoothies! Since the weather is now warm, it's even more perfect to indulge in a nice big fruit smoothie to tackle that sweet tooth! There are countless variations you can do to whip up a smoothie and so many stores that offer these sweet treats as well!

I sometimes whip up my own at home for breakfast. It's quick and easy and all I have to do is pour it in a portable container and go! It's easy to find recipes on the web for making your own. You can get some ideas from vegweb, by clicking here.

I happen to love the combination of strawberry and banana, so I will often use orange juice as a base and add one or two bananas (depending on how thick I want it) and some frozen strawberries. I throw all of the ingredients in a blender, give it a whirl and in no time, I have my sweet treat! Just use your imagination and you can come up with so many different varieties!

So, next time you are craving something sweet and cold, give a smoothie a try whether you are at home or on the go! This is sweet snacking you can feel good about!


  1. I might be going on a smoothie craze this summer because as you already know I'm crazy about my Ninja, the new food processor/blender I bought. I've already made a great strawberry, blueberry smoothie. Mine wasn't vegan b/c it contained a dash of frozen yogurt, but it was delicious and refreshing. Also, you will not believe what else I made with it this week...guacamole! I've officially become a guac fan! I'm expanding my horizons. Aren't you proud?!

  2. Yes, smoothies are the truth! LOL! Yes, I know how much you love your Ninja! Next time, try it without the yogurt..you won't even miss it! As for the guac..welcome to the club!!! Yes, I am so proud!


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