Hey Folks!

Happy Sweet Tooth Saturday to you! What goes great with summer? Well, ice cream of course! I know some of you may be wondering how vegans can indulge in this sweet and cool treat, but rest assured there are so many different varieties of non-dairy ice cream on the market. This may also be music to the ears of those that are lactose intolerant as well!

All you have to do is stroll over to the frozen section in the natural foods area of your local grocery store, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or any other store in your area that offers alternative health food selections. There, you are sure to find an array of non-dairy ice cream selections that are wonderful. I happen to like the SO Delicious brand of ice cream and they also now have Coconut Bliss varieties that use coconut milk as the base instead of soy. You will need to put on your adventurous hat and do some taste tests. I suggest choosing the flavors that you enjoy that are made with dairy and try the non-dairy selection of the same flavor.

It’s also important to note that most sorbets are non-dairy as well, make sure to read the label. Be careful though because a lot of conventional sorbets contain a lot of sugar and other additives, so try to go for the organic variety if possible. You can also make your own Popsicles at home as well! You can use one of your favorite smoothie recipes and pour it into some Popsicle holders you buy from the store and just freeze and voila you have your own homemade fruit Popsicles!

So, you can still beat the heat with this sweet and cool treat! Ice cream for everybody!!