Hey folks,

Last week on Whatever Wednesday, I addressed the issue of eating out while being vegan. In the post, I mentioned that I would post some of my favorite vegan and non-vegan restuarants (where I can get vegan dishes prepared) in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. So, if any of you live in or visit those cities you can check them out! I was supposed to post this list yesterday, but since I was highlighting the guest blog I did on another site, I decided to wait until today. I hope you all got a chance to read the post on blacklovespeak!

So, welcome to another edition of The Truth According To "Me" Thursday..featuring my picks for some great places to grub vegan style!


Soul Vegetarian: There are two locations, one on Ralph David Abernathy in Southwest Atlanta and another on North Highland in Virginia Highlands. I love their vegan mac and cheese!

I didn't see an official website online for them but here are the addresses and numbers for each:

879 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. S.W., Atlanta, GA : (404) 752-5194
652 N Highland Ave., N.E. Atlanta, GA: (404) 875-4641

Cafe Sunflower: They have locations in Buckhead and Sandy Springs

World Peace Cafe:

Noodle: Thai Restaurant with locations in College Park, Decatur and I love their steamed vegetable dumplings.

Whole Foods: Of course Whole Foods is great for groceries for the veggie lifestyle but certain locations offer great salad bars and buffets. They have a great buffet at the Ponce De Leon location and the Sandy Springs location.

Ponce De Leon:
Sandy Springs:

Sevananda: This is another grocery store that has a wide range of vegan selections. It has a great selection of prepared vegan foods, salad bar and hot buffet as well.


JJ is originally from Chicago and his parents are also vegan, so usually when we go his mom prepares wonderful food for us. But the last time we were there we went to one of his parents' favorite spots called "Karyn's". After dining there I now know why. If you live in or visit Chicago, do not to Karyn's!!! If you are apprehensive about vegan food, this restaurant will forever change your mind!! I promise!!

She has two locations where she serves cooked vegan food and one location that is raw food (another topic I will cover in the coming weeks). We went to her newest location called "Karyn's on Green". This restaurant rivals ANY non vegan restaurant I've been to, from the decor to the service to the ambience. This place is wonderful! It is currently my favorite vegan dining experience to date! Karyn, the owner is quite the inspiration herself. We had the pleasure of meeting her when we were there.

Karyn's: You must go!!


As you can probably imagine, Los Angeles has TONS of places where you can get vegan food. Restaurants that are vegan only and restaurants that can cater to your lifestyle. I moved from there in 2005 and just recently went back for a trip in April and there are now even MORE places to choose from!

Real Food Daily: They have locations in West Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Vegan Express: I didn't see an official website, here is their address and phone number: 3217 Cahuenga Blvd. W Los Angeles, CA. (323) 851-8837

Veggie Grill: Tried this for the first time on my recent trip...loved it!

Mi Piace: An Italian restaurant that I used to frequent where I could "veganize" their pasta dishes. I've been able to do this at most Italian restaurants.


Whole Foods at Union Square: Hands down, the best hot bar I've been to!

Darbar: Wonderful Indian cuisine.

Red Bamboo: This restaurant is located next to their sister restuarant Vegetarians Paradise II. They both offer great selections. I couldn't find VP's website but there is Red Bamboo's:

Quantum Leap: Very quaint place with great service and even greater food!

Uptown Juice Bar: In Harlem, love, love, love this place! Here is the address and phone number: 54 W 125th St. New York, NY (212) 987-2660

Now, this is just merely the tip of the iceberg of what's out there. I can't wait to travel more and discover more wonderful places to try and share with you. There are many places that I'm sure are slipping my mind right now.

NYC has some of the best food I've ever tasted and there were so many places I visited vegan and non-vegan and had the best food. You can just walk down the street and stumble across so many different places to explore there. I never went to any restaurant there that was non-vegan and had trouble finding something I could eat with no problem.

There is one Thai place that I LOVE there on 44th and 8th or 9th, can't remember exactly and the name escapes me, but they are the best! That was just one place a friend and I stumbled across one night and I fell in love with it!

There is also a pizza place on 2nd Avenue and 10th Street that JJ and I like. Neither one of us knows the name, but that is the location. It is a couple of doors down from a movie theatre. They serve delicious vegan pizza!

Los Angeles is another place where you will be sure to just drive down the street and pass by so many places that are vegan as well.

You can also type in Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants in your city in a search engine and I'm sure you will find lists of spots to check out.

Additionally, if you have an iphone, there are two free applications you can download that will give you some places in your immediate area to try. They are VeganSteven and iVegetarian. I have them both and they are great!

After looking at my selections, most of my favs are vegetarian/vegan places. But PLEASE remember as I said last week, I have been to MANY non-vegetarian/vegan places and have had no problem finding things to eat and enjoy.

As I continue along with this blog, I will do my best to inform you of my eating experiences in both settings. If you know of any places in any of the areas mentioned that I should try, please let me know! It is my hope one day to travel the country sampling vegan fare from everywhere and write about it!

So, go get your grub on...vegan style!!