The Truth According To...Joshua aka JJ!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to this edition of The Truth According To..Thursdays! Today is the truth according to my boyfriend Joshua, who I usually refer to JJ in posts. I'm using his full name today, since I conducted a full-out professional interview with him. Professional..I know, yeah right!

Ahem, anyway, the reason why I wanted to pick his brain was because in my experience I have come across a lot of men who are a little leary of becoming vegetarian/vegan. It seems to me for some reason being manly seems to somehow be equated with eating meat. As I say this, I can only think of the Hillshire Farms commercials that show men at the grill chanting "go meat"! Even so, I know there are still many men that have chosen the veg lifestyle and since I have one in my life, I wanted to share his experience with you, so read on!

Cwrites: What prompted you to become vegan?

Joshua: A Brookyln chinese restaurant that gave me one pound of MSG spoiled chicken covered with garlic sauce and broccoli florets.

Cwrites: (Sarcastically) Wow, sounds tasty! So you just gave up all meat cold turkey after that?

Joshua: Yup.

Cwrites: Was it difficult? Did you miss eating meat?

Joshua: No.

Cwrites: Do you think you would have become vegan if you hadn't gotten food poisoning?

Joshua: Yes, at some point.

Cwrites: What makes you say that?

Joshua: I started thinking chicken was bad for me.

Cwrites: Just chicken?

Joshua: Yes, because at that point, I only primarily ate chicken.

Cwrites: Why only chicken? What about the other meat?

Joshua: Because at the time I was bodybuilding and the diet required only eating chicken and fish.

Cwrites: So what about fish?

Joshua: Only ate it sometimes to switch it up, was never really a big fan of fish.

Cwrites: What about giving up dairy. A lot of people struggle with this one, did you?

Joshua: No.

Cwrites: Why do you think that is? That you didn't have a struggle?

Joshua: My dad would tell me it was pure fat and would always compare the way cheese looked to the way fat looks inside a person's body. Think the way cheese looks on a cold pizza.

Cwrites: That is an interesting perspective, I can see that. Doesn't make it sound too tempting. What do you think the benefits of being a vegan are?

Joshua: Your body has less parasites. Your body is able to cleanse better on a daily basis. It think it makes your overall health better with exercise. Without meat, your heart is stressed less.

Cwrites: Has being vegan hampered your ability to eat out socially?

Joshua: No.

Cwrites: Any closing thoughts on being vegan?

Joshua: Healthier way to live. Gives you an opportunity to live a longer life. Everyone is living to at least live the best life they can, and you're not going to live the best life eating the worst food.

Cwrites: Very well said. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and insight!

I look forward to bringing you all some more insight and experiences from various people who have taken the veggie plunge in future The Truth According To..posts! If you are interested in sharing yours, I would love to hear from you!