Happy hump day everybody! Welcome to Whatever Wednesday, the day where I get to talk to you about whatever I want! I must admit I was a little stumped today as to what I wanted to cover. But as I sat for a few moments and skimmed through some of my favorite websites and blogs, the idea about discussing dining out while vegan popped into my head so here we go!

One of the questions I get from people periodically is, "Is it hard to eat out if you are vegan?" The answer is an emphatic "Absolutely not!" I must admit that it does tickle me how some people think veganism is being confined to some sort of a dungeon with only twigs and leaves to eat for survival..LOL! Being vegan is quite the contrary. I enjoy food just as much as I did before becoming vegan.

Going out to restaurants has never been a problem. First of all most restaurants these days have some sort of vegetarian/vegan option to choose on the menu. Asian cuisine is specifically very veg friendly offering a plethora of choices. Even if you go to a restaurant that does not have specific vegetarian/vegan selections, you can most often "veganize" the dishes they do offer. The key is to ask questions and be inventive. Most servers are very accommodating once you let them know your restrictions and most often will work with you to put something together.

The other part is doing your homework, if you are going to dine out with friends and aren't sure if the restaurant they chose will have selections for you, try to go online and view the menu in order to plan ahead. If you find the restaurant they chose does not offer anything you can even "veganize", see about finding a comparable restaurant to the one selected that does offer selections you can choose from so everyone will be happy. If they are your friends, I'm sure they will be sensitive to your needs and compromise :-)! My family and friends have always been very accommodating with me! However, it is very rare it even has to get to that point, as I said, unless you are going to a complete steak house or seafood place, you should be able to find something. But even at those places you can most often get some sort of a salad. In which case if you know where you are going ahead of time, you can fill up on something prior to meeting them and order a salad to be social!

I have been dining out without issues or problems since I began this way of eating and will continue to do so. I will not lie, being vegan does sometimes require planning, but the benefits are well worth it. Next week on Whatever Wednesday, I will give you a list of some of my favorite spots in Atlanta, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles. So if you are in any of those areas, pay attention! If you are not, hit up the internet and type in vegetarian/vegan restaurants and I'm sure you will find some selections. I will also list restaurants that I enjoy that are not vegetarian/vegan but have selections for my eating preference.

So, have no fear, being a vegan does not require you to always eating at home! There are a world of possibilities and restuarants open for you!