Hey folks!

Welcome to this edition of Move Over Meat Mondays! Today's posting is the result of the recipe I gave you last Monday as a tuna replacement. I mentioned that I looked forward to trying this recipe out last week and I came through on my word for you! I prepared the mock tuna recipe last Wednesday to take for my lunch Thursday and Friday and this recipe is the TRUTH!!! aka THE B-0-M-B! aka REALLY FRICKIN' DELICIOUS!! (the result pictured above)

I could not believe how much this really does taste like tuna! I don't know how and I don't know why and I don't care, but it does and it's really great! Now, don't get me wrong, I don't even think of or miss eating tuna. I really don't, but as I look for recipes and methods to share with those of you who are considering or transitioning into veganism it's so wonderful when I come across something to share that can help you. So, the verdict on this one is two thumbs up- way up! I was also excited to find another quick and easy go to recipe for myself that I can pack in my lunch bag and take with me that doesn't require heating up!

So, as it pertains to this recipe, all I ask is that you give it a try. I know those of you who are die hard fish or meat eaters may have a different experience since my palette is a little different now that I've been a vegan for quite a while, but it's worth a shot right? I thought so! Let me know how it goes!!

If you missed last week's post for the recipe, I'll save you the trouble of searching for it- just click here.

Also, don't forget to send in your vegan/health questions for Talk to Me Tuesday!