Happy Physical Fitness Friday!

Welcome to this edition of Physical Fitness Friday. Today's physical activity profile is Running. Let's look at the physical benefits of this popular activity. I myself, have never been a big fan of long distance running, but I have opened up myself up to it over the last year and a half or so.

I decided to give myself a challenge so I participated in a 5k in November of 2008. I unfortunately, did not have the proper time to really train the way I would have liked, but I followed through and was proud of myself for doing it. I was able to accomplish running a full mile without stopping and for me that was huge! I ran/walked the 5k and finished in a pretty decent time and it was for a great cause so I felt good! I may do another 5k at some point, but if so I will dedicate myself to full training and run the entire time! I do sometimes run on the treadmill and a little at the park also.

So, now on to what you can get out of running if this is an activity of choice!


Running can reduce your chances of everything from the common cold to cancer. Running is one of the best aerobic exercises for conditioning of your heart and lungs. It aids in the efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body.

Running is also thought of as a great stress-reliever and may even relieve mild depression. Many runners reach what is called the "runner's high" which is a euphoric, clear, and calm state felt after a long run.

Running helps improve your fitness and stamina. It also increases bone density, which can fend off osteoporosis.

It is suggested that even though running is a healthy activity, you should obtain medical clearance before beginning a running program.

Running is great way to burn calories and one of the biggest reasons why people start running. Running burns about 100 calories per mile for a 150-pound person.

Running also builds muscle mass and your resting metabolism will increase meaning that you'll burn more calories at rest.

So lace up those sneakers and get going!