Hey folks,

Happy Physical Fitness Friday! Today I'm going to discuss the benefits of weight training. Over the next several Fridays, I intend to discuss great weight training exercises for each muscle group!

So, let's first delve into how weight training does the body good!


Weight training is considered an essential part of exercise. It enhances muscle strength, tone and bulk and aids in contributing to an efficient metabolism.

It helps you build strength and as you gain strength, joints and muscles work more efficiently increasing all around functionality including balance, flexibility, stamina and injury prevention.

Weight training is a great complement for any weight loss program because it helps maintain bone density while you're dropping those pounds.

Weight training enhances muscle definition and builds stronger connective tissue and joint stability.

I have always combined both aerobic exercise and weight training. I actually have always been a little partial to weight training, but I understand the importance of balance. I have not found one piece of information out there that doesn't encourage you to do a combination of both types of exercise. I have come across several women who are a little leary of lifting weights for fear of gaining too much muscle. That fear is definitely unfounded. It's all about defining your specific goals and researching the best way to attain them. You can find weight training exercises to combine with aerobic activity to give you the best overall workout and bulk will not be an issue if you are educated about what you're doing.

So, I look forward to bringing some more information about training specific parts of the body over the coming weeks! I am excited about learning more as well! So, pick up some weights and let's get going!