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Welcome to Talk To Me Tuesday! Today, I'm going to discuss bread. I often get asked, if I can still eat bread as a vegan. The answer is yes. I happen to have a love affair with bread, but I've cooled down on our romance over the past couple of months..LOL!

As you know bread is one of those things that vegan or not, you should watch if you're trying to maintain your figure. The main thing to remember with bread consumption is moderation and be selective about the type of bread you consume.

It's always best to go with the wheat and multi-grain varieties. When you go to the store, always read the labels. Many types of bread have A LOT of ingredients that you cannot prounouce, I would advise staying away from those. You want to look for bread with a few simple ingredients and if you're trying to do it the vegan way, make sure it doesn't contain any milk/milk derivatives or eggs.

Food for life offers a plethora of sprouted bread products that I would advise you to check out by clicking here. You can find these and other healthier bread products in most grocery stores in the natural foods section. You can also of course find them at your local natural foods grocery chains as well.

So, you can rest easy knowing you can still eat bread as a vegan. Just remember, simplicity and moderation is key!


  1. Bread!

    Sometimes, all I crave for dinner in this crazy summer heat is bread, some nice olives, and a salad.

  2. I know! That sounds like a great combo!


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