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Welcome to this edition of The Truth According To Thursdays! I am so excited about the interviews I've done so far and look forward to introducing you to more people living the veg life in the coming weeks!

Today is another truth according to yours truly! :) I had to give you my review or "truth" about Daiya Cheese!!!

I briefly mentioned Daiya cheese in the introduction to my interview with Doron the owner of Sticky Fingers Bakery a few weeks ago. I first tried it there, when I ordered the grilled "cheese" that was made with Daiya. I have had a few more encounters with it since then and I am definitely a fan! I have tried other vegan cheeses in the past and this is a winner! So far I've only tried the cheddar variety. I have made my own grilled cheese with it and for JJ's bday I tried a brand new casserole recipe and used it then as well! I look forward to making some homemade vegan pizza in the near future with the mozerrella variety.

The great thing about Daiya cheese is that it melts and doesn't taste artificial and has few ingredients. To learn more about Daiya, click here. I think it's a superb alternative for those that struggle with giving up cheese in order to go vegan or those that are lactose intolerant. For me, dairy (mainly cheese) was the hardest thing for me to give up, however, if I had researched then how cheese is made, I don't think I would have had the struggle!

There are so many vegan products on the market that can be used for substitutions, but I never was able to find a prepared vegan cheese that I really liked- until now! :-) You just might too!


  1. Hey Christa! Have you guys been to Pizza Fusion? Not too far from where Josh once lived. I got their vegan pizza and it wasn't bad... but the cheese was a little liquidy and didn't keep well. Right away though, not bad. :)

  2. Hey Abby! No, we haven't been there. We'll have to give it a try..thanks for the tip! :-)

  3. I never really liked cheese when I was a vegetarian, but I now LOVE Daiya cheese. Except that every time I say it, people think I am saying "diet cheese."

  4. Wow! I rarely talk to anyone vegan that wasn't once hooked on cheese!! Diet cheese?!..hilarious!


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