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Welcome to Whatever Wednesday! I couldn't help myself with the title, I just had to! LOL! Okay, now on to the topic at hand. I decided to do sort of an addendum to yesterday's hemp protein powder topic. Not about the hemp, but I wanted to look a little more closely at whey. I've always known it was a milk derivative, but wasn't sure exactly what it was and how it was made. There are a lot of non-vegan protein powders and other packaged foods that contain whey, so I thought I would enlighten myself and hopefully you too! If you're already one step ahead of me, I still encourage you to read on, you might find a new nugget of information!


Whey is milk plasma. It is the liquid that remains after milk has been curdled or strained. It is a co-product of cheese production and is one of the components that separates from milk after curdling, when rennet or an edible acidic substance is added.

There are two types of whey:

Sweet Whey is manufactured during the production of rennet type hard cheese like cheddar or Swiss.

Acid Whey aka sour whey is obtained during the production of acid types of cheese such as cottage cheese.

Whey solids or powders are produced by drying the liquid whey and used as milk replacement in bakery products, ice cream, dry mixes and beverages.

So, if you are new to the veg lifestyle or transitioning into it, you should be avoiding products that contain whey. Be sure to always read labels carefully!

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  1. Does all cheddar cheese have rennet in it? I'm a veg trying to transition into vegan, and i've been eating cheddar, my favorite cheese, the whole time i've been vegetarian! Ack!

  2. Hi Shay- I hate to break the news to you. As far as I've researched, yes, cheddar cheese does have rennet in it. I am going to expound more on cheese in Monday's post, so be sure to check back for more information. I do encourage you to try the Daiya cheese I blogged about on Thursday, this might help you get off cheese for good!


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