Happy Physical Fitness Friday!

Before I get into the weight training exercise of the day, I want to take a moment to address yesterday's video. I intend to go deeper into the soy issue once I am finished with my research on the topic. Soy consumption seems to be a bit controversial because the information about it seems to fluctuate so frequently. Yesterday's video is just one point of view based on Dr. Messina's research and I'm quite sure there are more videos out there on the opposing side as well. Just stay with me folks, I'll try to uncover and expose all sides and there will be one post dedicated to soy all by itself in the very near future!

Now, on to today's topic at hand- exercises for the chest.

I found some great information and wonderful exercises for hitting up those chest muscles from Please click on the following link to check it out! The exercises included in the link are just some ideas, there are plenty others out there for you to do!