Happy Physical Fitness Friday Everyone!

I hope you all got that body moving throughout the week!! Keeping up with the weight training series and toning the lower body, today's exercise of choice is the deadlift- specifically the Romanian deadlift. This is actually becoming my favorite weight training exercise! Here we go!


The Romanian deadlift is common among Olympic Weightlifters. This variation of the deadlift puts emphasis on the hamstrings, glutes and back. The deadlift is executed by standing with a barbell (or dumbells) held in front of you with knees unlocked(slightly beng) and allowing the weight to descend until knee level while bending at the hip and keeping the back straight. The movement is initiated by pushing the hips back and returned by contracting the hamstrings and glutes.

The deadlift is a great lower body exercise. There are many different variations of the deadlift, but this is the one I use. Deadlifts are the biggest Muscle Builder [ other than squats ] utilizing more muscle motor units than any other exercise.

To obtain more detailed info on the deadlift and how to perform it properly, click here. It is of UTMOST importance to be sure you are performing any weight training exercise properly to avoid injuries. Always ask questions and seek out information before trying anything new!

Please also remember, that I am not a doctor or certified trainer. I am providing you with information I have learned over the years and what works for me. Always do your homework and consult your doctor or trainer accordingly.