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I apologize for the late post today- it's been a busy Saturday.  Anyway, this will be short and sweet today!  JJ and I just came back from Whole Foods and they have some DELICIOUS non-dairy gelato.  I got the raspberry mango flavor and it was so smooth and creamy.  It definitely hit the spot!  So, I if you have a Whole Foods nearby, I strongly urge you to head over to see if they offer it there.  I got mine in the small size and it was just enough to hit the spot on this hot day!

If you can't find any, I would hit up the frozen section to check out the other non-dairy frozen offerings as I've mentioned in previous posts.  However, I do hope that you will be able to find some and have a little taste of Italy like me!


  1. I have had their sorbet before. They have great customer service. One day I went in there after work and I had just started the vegan thing. For some reason I was spilling my heart, about how my life sucked, to the guy preparing it for me and he just gave it to me, for free. I love WholeFoods. And I spend plenty of money there for anyone who thinks I didnt deserve that sorbet.

  2. I hear you.. I LOVE Whole Foods also!


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