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Welcome to Sweet tooth Saturday! I hope everybody's Labor Day weekend is off to a great start! Being out on the road today down in a small town in GA at Callaway Gardens, got me thinking about vegan sweet treats you can get on the road.

It was rather warm today and I was really craving some ice cream, but the park we were at didn't have any options for me. If you happen to be out at a regular grocery store there are some really tasty Edy's fruit bars that are VERY good. They don't have alot of added unecessary ingredients.

The main thing to do when you're out and trying to cure a sweet tooth is either suck it up until you can buy something vegan or read labels of the frozen fruit bars in the stores near you. In my case today, I sucked it up and had some fruit which is always the best sweet you can have! I'll grab a frozen treat closer to home!


  1. Yeah, I love those things. This is a perfect example of how things dont have to be labeled "vegan" to be vegan. Hell, even the things labeled "vegan" I still read the ingredients.

  2. I know, they are the bomb! Yes, you're right, I say always check ingredients even when labeled vegan!


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