Happy Move Over Meat Monday everyone!

Today's meatless post will center around one of my favorites- PIZZA!  As I've mentioned previously, my love for cheese was what made going vegan a little challenging.  However, I soon found out that I could still enjoy pizza occasionally and so can you!! 

There are now so many different vegan pizza's popping up all over the place in the frozen section of the grocery store to pizza places nationwide.  You can also buy or make your own crust and whip one up at home with the help of some pizza sauce, fresh veggies and daiya cheese!  JJ and I have made our share of homemade pizza's and they have all been delicious.  Below is a picture of our first right before going in the oven.  This one was sans vegan cheese but was still SOOO good!        

Amy's brand also has a no cheese roasted vegetable pizza that I've had quite a bit as well that is also tasty.  Also, many Whole Foods stores now offer up fresh vegan slices you can buy and they are delicious.  I'm actually having one right now as we speak, as the prompt for today's post!  So, to all my fellow pizza lovers, rest easy knowing you can be vegan AND still have pizza!