Happy Friday Everyone!

Welcome to this edition of Physical Fitness Fridays! 

One of my favorite physical activities is rollerblading (aka inline skating)!  I learned how to rollerblade some years ago from my friend Hilary and she surprised me not too long after with a pair of rollerblades for my birthday. I couldn't have been more excited!  Rollerblading is very enjoyable and is a great cardio workout.  I find it's one of those activities that you can forget you're even burning calories because it's so much fun.  It's especially enjoyable when you find a great scenic place to roll through!

If you have never tried rollerblading before, I highly encourage you to do so.  Many people perceive it to be difficult, but it really isn't.  It's just a matter of balance and confidence, which I also think happen to be great attributes to carry in life as well!  Take your time, be careful and wear the proper protective gear and you should be all set!

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