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Happy Sweet Tooth Saturday! One way I can't go wrong when I'm craving something sweet is to go bananas!! If you get a good banana when it's not too ripe, they can be deliciously sweet and satisfying. You can always also kick 'em up a notch to increase the flavor quotient. One way to do this is to peel and freeze some bananas. You can put a Popsicle stick in the bottom before freezing and take them out after they harden and dip them is some melted vegan chocolate and roll them in some nuts. You could also do that beforehand and then put them in the freezer for the chocolate to harden, whichever you prefer.

Another treat I've made for myself is to blend some bananas with chocolate soymilk and some peanut butter and a little ice. You could also try the same method with some vegan ice cream if your choice.

The ideas are limitless, these are just a few to consider when you want to go bananas!!


  1. Hey, I tried Sauteed Bananas on my blog! Exploring different fruits different ways.


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