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Hey folks,

Welcome to another edition of The Truth According To..Thursdays.  Today's viewpoint comes from Moby.   I particularly like the part of the video where he speaks about respecting people's choices.  I realize that veganism is not a lifestyle for everyone.  I would love for everyone to be open to it and give it a shot, but I realize the likelihood of this is very slim.  The only thing I strive to do is educate and be the best example I can be.  It is not my job to condemn or judge meat eaters, but rather try to enlighten and introduce them to the benefits and accessibility of veganism.  If I don't like being questioned or ridiculed for being vegan, why would I project that attitude towards meat eaters?  It doesn't make sense and too many vegans display this type of attitude and it's a very counterproductive approach.  Eduation and respect is the way to go in my opinion.

Now that I'm off my soap box, let's check out Moby!


  1. I agree that education is the way to go. I offer my vegan lifestyle to people as "something better" as one author put it in Ministry of Healing.

    My view is that meat eaters are not giving up anything really. They're gaining something better.


  2. Hi Franklin,

    You are SO right! I like that- gaining something better is definitely the truth!


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