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Welcome to this edition of Whatever Wednesdays.  Can you believe it's already September??!! This year is flying by!  Anyway, moving on, today's post started out in my head as a product review of Trader Joe's Kalamata Olive Hummus (I even tweeted about this the other day-LOVE this stuff).   However, when I went on their website to try to find the product to post a picture and discuss, I came across something else very helpful! 

They have a very cool page you can visit to find products to suit your individual needs.  The categories they have are; no gluten, vegetarian, vegan, fat free, quick meal, kosher and sodium.  I of course clicked on the vegan link.  I think this is such a useful tool.  It makes grocery planning so much easier, especially when you have certain dietary constraints.  Check out the vegan list by clicking here

I will definitely be using this as a quick at-a-glance resource for products that I'm unfamiliar with when I stop by my local Trader Joe's!


  1. What a great tool! I'm going to be using this when Trader Joe's opens up just south of where we live - thanks!

  2. Thank you, I also have a WholeFoods App on my iPhone that helps you plan vegan recipes, it gives you the recipe and all the ingredients by category. Vegan is under special diets.

  3. Hi Amanda- You're welcome! I was so happy to find it!

  4. You're welcome Tasha, thanks for the WholeFoods App info- I'll have to check that out also!


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