Hey folks,

Welcome to this edition of Whatever Wednesdays. I'm writing from the road with spotty service, so I will be brief. I want to discuss trying new things. If you are a follower of this blog considering becoming a vegan, you will most likely have to expand your palette. There are many foods that I didn't like before becoming vegan that I thoroughly enjoy now. You will need to open your mind and taste buds to explore different foods and vegan alternatives to the foods you enjoy that are not vegan. I encourage you to be excited about experimenting and the entire journey. I guarantee you will have a new appreciation for food.

My challenge to you is to try at least one new thing each week. Try something you've never had before or retry something you had but didn't like, but find a new way to prepare it and see if it changes your mind. Most vegans are HUGE foodies, so as I've said before there is an abundance of food out there waiting to be tried and enjoyed by you!

If you partake in this challenge please let me know what you discover!