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Happy Physical Fitness Friday to you! Today's topic for fitness is the benefits of usingmthe elliptical machine. When I do have a gym membership, this is usually my go-to machine of choice for my cardio workout. I fell in love with the elliptical machine back in the day when they were sort of new to the scene (well, new to me anyway) and continue to enjoy using them now.
Here are some of the excellent benefits the elliptical machine provides:

Ellipticals are capable of exercising the upper and lower body simutaneously. In doing so, the heart rate is elevated quickly giving you a great cardiovascular workout.

Ellipticals are very low-impact! It is an ideal choice for older individuals who want to get in shape or maintain their current level of fitness. It's also beneficial for those who are rehabilitating from running injuries. Low-impact also means no risk of injuring the back, knees, ankles, or other joints during a workout. So, if you're at high risk of such injuries, this is a good machine to use.

Elliptical exercise requires little skill. You simply put your feet into the foot pedals and begin pedaling, as your hands hold onto the moving handlebars. When you stop pedaling, the machine stops as well.

Most decent ellipticals come with preset programs from which you can choose a workout routine. You can also adjust the incline level to increase the intensity of your workouts.

So, there you have it. A few good reasons to give the elliptical machine a try or to keep using it if you're already a fan. If you don't have a gym membership and interested in buying equipment for the home, I would suggest the elliptical. There are many great ones on the market to choose from!



  1. I will have to try the elliptical again. Last time I tried, my feet could not keep up, lol. And then I would get way ahead of myself and next thing I know I would be about to faint.

  2. LOLOLOL! You are HILARIOUS..I can just envision this..too funny. Yes, I would give it a shot again and just pace yourself LOL!

  3. Elliptical is a funny exercise equipment. It has no pain like treadmill.


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