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Question of the day:  "Is dried fruit just as nutritional as fresh fruit?"

This is a very good question.  I would venture to say that fresh fruit is always a better choice.  Eating fruit in its natural state is always going to be more nutritionally sound.  I did do some further research into this topic to gain more insight for you and me!  When fruit is dried, it loses alot of its nutrients such as vitamins A and C.  Fresh fruit is low in calories due to its water content, whereas dried fruit loses its water content thus making it more calorie laden.  A cup of raisins has over 400 calories while a cup of grapes only has roughly 100.  However, the fiber content in dried fruits is more concentrated, so you get more fiber intake from eating dried fruit versus fresh fruit.  Another benefit of eating dried fruit is that is has a longer shelf life and you can enjoy certain fruits that are out of season all year long.

I myself indulge in dried fruit periodically.  I discovered some really tasty dried pineapple slices from Whole Foods that I enjoy.  Another thing you want to be aware of is that many dried fruits contain added sugar.  It's best to seek out options that do not have the additional sugar.  If you do, I would make it a once in a while treat.  The pineapple slices I get from Whole Foods do have extra organic sugar added, so this will be my once in a while "candy" treat!  Overall, I still hold that fresh is always best!



  1. I love dried fruit. Though I eat more fresh fruit, than dried, I think any fruit is better than none. Dried fruit does have added sugar, but so does canned. I think fresh is best, but I dont mind indulging in dried

  2. Hey there! Yes, it's the same for me. The majority of what I eat is fresh fruit. I don't see anything wrong with dried as long as you're aware of the sugar. I don't do canned fruit at all. Thanks for your comment!


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