Hey folks,

Welcome to this edition of Talk To Me Tuesdays.  Since I didn't have any new questions for today, I decided to post a meatless recipe for you since I didn't yesterday due to the contest announcement.  This is a GREAT recipe.  I've made these before and JJ and I LOVED them!  I paired mine with a side of couscous.  This should give all of my non-veg friends out there even more incentive to give the meatless Monday a try, so many delicious recipes to sample! :-)

INGREDIENTS (use vegan versions):

6 med zucchini - approx 6-8 long and 2 in diameter

2 med or 4-6 plum fresh tomatoes

1/2 lb fresh mushrooms

1 fresh red pepper

1 med to large sweet onion

3 lg garlic cloves, more if you love garlic

olive oil for sauteing

salt & pepper to taste

1 bunch fresh basil

breadcrumbs or matzoh meal or farfel (approx 1/2 c)

Trim the stem on the zucchinis, but don't cut it all the way off. Carefully cut the zucchinis in half lengthwise, making two boats. Use a paring knife and carefully hollow out the zucs, leaving about 1/4 inch all around sides & bottom. Save the parts you remove. Place the zuc boats in an oiled baking pan or cookie sheet.
Chop all the vegetables, but keep them separate. Heat olive oil in large pot or Dutch oven. Add red pepper, a few minutes later onion, a few minutes later garlic. Simmer slowly so they get soft and onions become translucent, but not browned. Add mushrooms, chopped zucchini innards, a few minutes later tomatoes, chopped basil, salt & pepper. Simmer uncovered about 15 min (you don't want them to get mushy). Taste for seasonings, to see if it needs anything. If there is lots of liquid, strain vegs in a colander, but save the liquid. Mix in some vegan bread crumbs or matzoh farfel just to help hold it all together. Fill all the zucchini boats - there should be enough filling for them to be slightly mounded. Baste with the saved liquid.

Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 1/2 hour to 45 min, until boats are tender but still holding their shape. Check them during baking - if they're getting too dry or browned, cover with foil until the last few min, and baste a couple of times during baking. You can also add vegan cheese into the vegetables before stuffing, or grated on top at the last few minutes of baking. You can also add chopped tofu, or tofu crumbles into the saute. These are easy to make and are a beautiful presentation for either a side or main dish. What takes the most time is chopping all the vegetables. If you have a food processor, you're in luck!