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Welcome to this edition of Talk To Me Tuesdays.  Today's question is "What Is Tahini?"

Tahini is made from sesame seeds.  The seeds are soaked for a day and then they are crushed to separate the bran from the kernels. Crushed seeds are put into salt water where the bran sinks, but the kernels float and are skimmed off the surface. They are then toasted, then ground to produce their oily paste. Tahini can be found in two different types, light and dark.  The light version is used most often and is said to have the best flavor and texture. 

Tahini can be used in the production of hummus, baba ghanoush (eggplant puree with lemon juice, garlic and oil) and other traditional Middle Eastern dishes.  I have had tahini mostly as a spread in a falafel (a ball or patty made from ground chickpeas and/or fava beans).
Tahini is also said to be a great source of healthy fat, rich in Omega 3 as well as Calcium, Iron, Protein, Vitamin A, Thiamine and Amino Acids.

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  1. I was looking for Tahini when I made my hummus dip a while ago, it did not turn out well. Now I just buy my hummus. Thanks for the info

  2. Oh, sorry to hear that. Well, you win some and you lose some right? You're welcome!


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