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I am so excited to bring you another interview for this edition of The Truth According To...Thursdays.  Today's truth comes from S. Ali Myers, a holistic and self-empowerment coach.  I follow him on Twitter and he always provides such valuable information and inspiring quotes, so I was prompted to learn more about him and when I did, I knew he would be a great person to interview!  I was right!  Check Ali out below!


CWRITES:You mention on your website that it is dedicated to your oldest son who suffered from eczema and that prompted your journey into holistic health. Was that the only reason and is your son now completely healed of his eczema?

ALI: I've always been interested in natural health and never been too fond of medicine (drugs). My son's condition is what prompted me to do my own research and experiments. He, at one time, was almost completely healed. We slipped up on our diet a little and the eczema came back in full force. He still has spots on his legs and elbows but they are slowly going away. I'm taking the slow approach with him. To heal quickly, I would have to put him on a fast or major detoxification program. He is slowly healing by greatly decreasing his intake of animal products and overly acidic food and drinks.

CWRITES: What do you enjoy most about being a vegan? You also mention on your website that one of your hobbies is raw veganism, are you a raw vegan?
ALI: It's not so much what I enjoy but it's more about our physiological make-up. We are not designed to consume a lot of animal products. Our small intestines are too long, our teeth too flat, stomach acids too weak to break down animals and numerous other examples as to why we are not carnivores. As far as raw veganism, I eat about 80% raw. I just try to eat as natural as possible.

CWRITES: Are your children vegan as well? If so, is it difficult for them or do they fully enjoy and embrace the lifestyle?

ALI: Yes, they are vegan for the most part. They do eat some dairy and meat for treats but not too often. It's probably easier for kids since they do not buy groceries, cook or prepare meals. You have to be creative with kids but with persistence, they will totally enjoy a vegan lifestyle.

CWRITES: What exactly is holistic coaching? What can one expect from the services your provide?
ALI: Holistic life coaching is a relationship between myself and a partner (client). I help people become more balanced and aware of their connected mind, body and soul. I, through questioning, identify what is blocking someone from being fully balanced and at peace, physically and emotionally. This could be done through diet-changing, goal-setting, meditation, affirmations, herbs and many other different holistic modules. One can expect whatever they want to achieve or attain. Some people know exactly what they want to do like, becoming vegan or eating better. Otherwise, we work together to find the best solutions to eliminate "blockages".

CWRITES: What prompted you to take your holistic lifestyle to the next level to begin coaching others?

ALI: I'm passionate about helping people help themselves. The vision was made clear to me through self-reflection and meditation. Whenever people come to you for advice, motivation, counseling, inspiration and so on, you probably should make yourself available! It sort of chose me and not the other way around.

CWRITES: What is the most rewarding component of what you do? What percentage of your clients maintain this way of life after you have finished consulting them?

ALI: When someone tells me that I impacted their life in a positive way is one of the most rewarding feelings one can ever experience. My coaching is still relatively new but every long-term client I've worked with, is continuing down their holistic path.

CWRITES: What is the most challenging aspect of holistic coaching?
ALI: The people that really need help don't seek it or want it. Coaching people that want to be helped is easy. I realized a long time ago that everyone can't be saved. Some people just don't care about this world or life. Sad, but true.

CWRITES: What advice would you give to others that are interested in getting into any aspect of holistic or nutritional counseling?

ALI: Educate yourself! The term holistic is broad and embodies many different modules, approaches and aspects. Try to identify with something that is personal or relative to you. If you've had acupuncture done to you and benefited from it, maybe you should look into doing that. If you're vegan, help others convert. If you like giving massages, become a massage therapist. Read up and experiment with everything you can get your "hands on".

CWRITES: What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions about veganism?

ALI: All vegans are not super skinny and physically weak. There are many bodybuilders, athletes and others that are ripped, strong and healthy. I'm over 6 feet and 200 pounds myself. Look at Herschel Walker! He is in his forties and has more muscles than most people.
CWRITES: In closing, please share any additional thoughts or ideas about holistic living and veganism?

ALI: If you do not think there is a problem in America, then look at the diseases we have. Most Americans consume the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and that directly correlates with the diseased-state. Western medicine treats the symptoms of these diseases and the public is ignorant, for the most part. We need to take control of our health before it's too late. If you do not know where to start, ask someone in the "knowing". The key is to start somewhere. The sooner you try to take control of your own health, the better off you'll be.

Extremely well said!  Thank you so much Ali for taking the time to answer my questions and I wish you continued success! 
S. Ali Myers is a holistic health practitioner and holistic life coach (Student & Teacher). Ali resides in Ohio but offers coaching services through telephone or instant messenger. His goal is to help you elevate your consciousness, improve your physical being, and connect with your spirit. You can visit his website at