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Welcome to this edition of The Truth According to..Thursdays!  I look forward to bringing you more insights and interviews on veganism in the coming weeks.  In the meantime (as in today) you will have to bear with my thoughts!!  Please, try to contain your enthusiasm about this..! :-)  Anywaaay, today I decided to bring you another food review!

I have discovered my new favorite salad at the moment.  I went to Whole Foods a few weeks back and tried their Three Grain Edamame Salad and IT -IS-DELICIOUS!  I now look for it almost everytime I'm in there!  I posted a twitpic of the salad a little over a week ago to display and talk about how much I enjoy it!  Now obviously, like department stores, you may find certain items in one city and not in another, so this may be the case here as well.  So, please don't hold me too accountable if you go to your local Whole Foods and they don't have it.  However, if they do, I highly recommend that you give it a try.  Even if edamame is not your thing (I'm not the hugest fan), still give it a shot because there are so many other flavors and ingredients in the salad that make it taste very good.

The main point I bring home once again, is to always give yourself the opportunity to expand your palette.  There are so many great foods that are good for you out there to try.  Living the veg lifestyle does NOT limit you, only your mind does that.  So, if you do happen to look for this particular dish and can't find it, I encourage you to try something else on the salad bar that you haven't before!


  1. Thanks Jeri! It's SO true. There are so many things I enjoy now that I didn't before I became a vegan. Thanks for reading!


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