Hey folks,

Welcome to this edition of Talk To Me Tuesdays! 

Today's question is: "What kind of vegan alternatives can I get while at the movies or at an amusement park?"

I can understand the dilemma being in either one of those locations can present.  However, as I've mentioned here many times before, you must always do your research and plan ahead.  For the movies, depending on the theater, they may have pretzels (be sure to ask if they contain dairy) or actually the popcorn in most places is vegan.  The "butter" they use is not actually butter so I'm told (again, you must ask each time and if they seem uncertain, do without it).  However, it is my guess, it's not the healthiest choice.  You could also get nachos and hold the cheese.  There are also some forms of sweet candy that I just found out recently that are actually vegan as well.  Which again, is not the healthiest choice but it's an option.  You can also be sure to eat prior to seeing the movie and this way you can avoid the oftentimes overpriced concession stand altogether!  Do your research and when you're there ask questions.  This goes for anyplace you may go where they don't have specific vegan options.

As for the amusement park, it's pretty much the same deal.  However, the parks that I've been to allow you to bring in your own snacks with no problem, or at least I've never run into one.  This is great because you can pack all of your vegan goodies and throw them in your bag for snacking in between rides!  Also, may parks have an array of different eating places where you can veganize options on the menu. 

Remember, being vegan does NOT limit you, but it does require thoughtful planning and some research so you know all that IS out there for you.  You may not get a wide array of choices you want at some places, but compared to where you can, it's not a big deal at all.