Hey folks,

Welcome to Talk To Me Tuesday! Today's question is: "I am a fan of marshmallows, is there a vegan variety I can try?"

I actually used to be a fan myself, I remember having S'mores in Girl Scouts and putting them in my hot chocolate. Ahh, the good ole days..:-) Anyway, I actually have not had them since becoming vegan. I did enjoy them but never missed them enough to seek them out when I came into the veg lifestyle. But as for you, I have heard nothing but great things about Sweet and Sara. They make vegan marshmallows, so I would definitely start with them. There isn't much these days that you can't find without a vegan alternative. They are not all the best tasting or even the best for you, so you must do research and choose wisely!

Check out Sweet and Sara's website at! Let me know if you try them!