Hello All,

Well of course, I'm preempting my theme today to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I hope you each take a moment to reflect on all of your blessings.  I am thankful for SO many things right now.  This year has been particularly challenging for me, but I am thankful to say I'm still standing and things are moving in a very positive direction.  I am so thankful for all of my wonderful family and friends and all of the new friends that have come into my life this year. 

To me, today is a reminder of all of the things you should be thankful for each time you open your eyes.  Thanksgiving is just a day to highlight all the goodness in our lives.  Wherever you are, I hope your day is filled with love and some good food!  Hopefully some or all of it vegan with all the great recipes out there and that I've posted for you! :-)  Have a great day and don't overdo it with the food today or the shopping tomorrow...pace yourselves! Happy, happy Thanksgiving! Have a beautiful day!

In love and health,