Happy Whatever Wednesday!

November is World Go Vegan Month!  This is a wonderful time to give veganism a spin and try some of the delicious recipes I've posted here!  This would also be a great time to try my one day a week vegan challenge OR my seven day vegan challenge!  I know Mike can't be the only one bold enough to step into the vegan territory for a bit.  I'm going to start hittin' up friends and family individually about this now...don't try not answering your phones or e-mails.  I'm comin' for ya!! LOL!

Anyway, Vegnews.com, wrote a great article with some more tips and ideas to make the most out of this month.  Check it out by clicking here!  I know you're thinking that November would be a terrible month to put meat aside with Thanksgiving around the corner, but TRUST me, there are so many wonderful Thanksgiving recipes out there sans animal products.  JJ and I have made plenty and my non-vegan family ALWAYS raves about our dishes.  So, c'mon world, let's try veganism this month! You can do it! :-)