Hey folks!

I know it's Sweet Tooth Saturday, but I'm pushing it aside to just wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!  It is my prayer that you are enjoying your day thoroughly.  I am so thankful for all of the great new people I've met doing this blog.  I am so inspired to write each day about my journey as a vegan.  I am extremely passionate about it and to be able to share my thoughts, recipes and give incentive to those seeking an alternative diet brings so much joy to my life. Even with all of the ups and downs this year has brought me, this blog has been the one thing that has remained constant since I started it in May.

I'm so very thankful to see this year coming to an end on such a high note and so many new adventures on the horizon in 2011.  I hope each of you out there can say the same for what the new year holds for you.  I am so grateful for my wonderful and supportive family and friends each day.  Always remember to not take a day or your health for granted.  We are given one body to live in and we should strive to treat it with the utmost respect at all times!  I can't wait to bring you more in 2011!

Again, merry, merry Christmas to you all!  I hope this day is full of joy and laughter for you!

In love and health,



  1. Merry Christmas to you, too Christa!

  2. Thanks Franklin! I hope you had a great one!


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