Hey folks,

Happy Move Over Meat Monday!!

If you're looking for a great side dish and want a departure from your typical brown rice, I would give Basmati Rice Medley from Trader Joe's a try!  I used to eat this quite often back in the day and seemingly forgot all about it.  I was in the store the other day and saw it on the shelf and couldn't remember why I hadn't bought it in so long!  Anyway, I got myself a package and made some to go with my dinner tonight! 

You don't need much to doctor it up because it already contains great flavors.  A little earth balance or drizzle of olive oil and sea salt does the trick!  So, the next time rice is on the menu, I suggest stopping by Trader Joe's and picking up a package of their Basmati blend!  It's almost dinner time for me..can't wait! :-)