Happy Physical Fitness Friday and Merry Christmas Eve!!

I hope all of you are doing well out there tonight!  Some of you may already be celebrating with family and some may be picking up the last of your gifts.  Wherever you are, I pray it's where you want to be tonight!

Anyway, today I'm preempting a post about physical activity because Mike has sent me his final thoughts on the seven day vegan challenge to share with you!  Again, I am so thankful for Mike putting aside his reservations and giving veganism a shot.  It is my hope that many more will sign up in the new year and even take it beyond the seven days!  Please see below for Mike's thoughts!  I am so happy to hear his outcome and his very nice words! Thanks Mike!

Thank you Christa Renee for the experience it has been a BLAST! It was an interesting ride. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be...really. It's just like anything else honestly. You just have to get use to the CHANGE...when you go out to eat....when there's a function at the house...when you're on the road...etc. In one of the Episodes I truly forgot that I was a Vegan and my father cooked some fish...and God as my witness I was about to TEAR IT UP!!!!!! I get's a small change that will make a big difference in my overall health. So, to answer the question. Would I consider living a Vegan lifestyle? Definitely. When? I'm not sure.
 I DID notice a difference in how I felt. I wasn't as heavy if that makes sense. I use to always get tired around 1pm. and I noticed that eating THIS way, I found myself more energetic. I also noticed that my friends and associates didn't know how to support me. LOL! They were like "What are you doing MAN?" "You NEED meat!" "YOU'RE CRAZY!"

The first day was the hardest because I kept passing restaurants that I looooove. I never felt like giving was just a little hard. (Or was it the second day). Anyway thank you Christa for what you're doing. For your courage to follow the God in you to make a change in people's life.

Mike Flowers


  1. Happy New Year Christa!!!!

    I hope you're doing well today. I went online and I just HAPPEN to see that article that I emailed to you this morning!! Congratulations. I love the "fresh" new website by the way! : ) Nice touch.

    I keep forgetting to tell you that Alicia Silverstone's interview that you sent out a while back...was a very very very good piece. That's something that people won't get tired of seeing. Let's catch up soon.

    Mike Flowers


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