Happy Physical Fitness Friday!

Wow, can you believe that it will be Christmas Eve a week from today?!  I can't, I still have holiday stuff to get done, I look forward to making this happen over the weekend. 

Anyway, to follow-up with the post I did on Wednesday about tips for holiday parties, it was only fitting to address keeping up your exercise routine during the holidays as well. I know it's very easy to get sidetracked as you prepare to have family in town or go on vacation, but it's good to try to keep up your same exercise routine to the best of your ability.  It will give you energy as you do all the activities on your holiday list.

I found a great article that has some great ideas and tips to keep that heart pumping and muscles moving during this season and not counting all the running through the mall and lifting packages!  Although, I know that can be a workout in itself.  Remember, take the time to relax and enjoy.  The holidays should never be stressful.  It's time for family, friends and to be thankful for making it through another year!  Now, click here for some realistic stay fit ideas!

Have a great and active weekend!