Hey folks,

Welcome to this edition of Savory Sundays! Today's savory star is Arrabiata sauce. This spicy marinara sauce is my favorite! It is what I find myself ordering when I eat out at Italian restaurants if they offer it as a selection.

I bought a store brand variety yesterday that I've been wanting to try to put on the pasta I was planning to make. I just finished preparing my pasta and unfortunately this particular brand doesn't have me doing cartwheels as I had hoped. The spice quotient is good but it lacks the thickness I desire. So, I wouldn't get it again, but glad I finally tried it! I will look into making my own from scratch and see how that works. JJ and I have made some great homemade sauces in the past, so this will be next on the list!

I do strongly suggest that if you like your pasta sauce with a kick to give arrabiata a try the next time you dine out or cook Italian!