Hey folks,

Welcome to this edition of Talk To Me Tuesdays!

Today's question is "Isn't it more expensive to be vegan?"

This seems to be a point of concern for quite a few people that I have come across.  It's no secret that you can usually eat a feast at your average fast food chain for next to nothing, while going to many vegan restaurants or health food grocery stores with vegan offerings can be pricey.  I look at it this way, don't I want the best to go into my body? Of course, and this may mean spending a little more to get the best quality foods in order to do so. Most often, it's the packaged vegan items that tend to be the priciest, so you can avoid those or buy them in moderation.  Now, whether vegan or not, buying organic produce is a little more costly than the conventional, but I feel it's worth it in a lot of cases. 

I find it comes down to being a smart and savvy shopper and doing your homework.  I don't feel that being vegan makes you break the bank anymore so than being a meat eater.  It depends on what and how much you buy.  But in my opinion, if you're going to spend a little more money, why not do it on the only place you have to live?  We only have one body, so we should strive to treat it the best we can- even if we do spend a few extra dollars every now and again. :-)