Hey folks,

Welcome to this edition of Talk To Me Tuesdays! One question I get from time to time about being vegan is do I take vitamins.  I personally do not at this time, but I have in the past and may do so in the future.  I was pretty much the same before I became vegan.  There were periods of time when I would take a daily multivitamin religiously and other times I wouldn't.  As it pertains to taking vitamins in general, I find there is a lot of contradicting information out there.  There are those who say as a vegan you have no choice but to take vitamins in order to get all of your essential nutrients and there are those who say if you're eating a varied diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables that's all you need. 

I tend to lean more towards the latter side of the argument as it pertains to myself at the moment, but that could change.  I do feel if you are eating an abundance of living foods there is no need to take a processed pill in order to obtain the same benefit.  However, this is an area I have to do more research on for myself and I'm not an expert or a doctor.  The bottom line is that I believe it's a personal choice and there are plenty of vitamins out there that are vegan that you can take if you feel you need to do so.  As always, do your homework and allow your mind, body and spirit guide you to the right decision for yourself!