Hey folks,

Welcome to Move Over Meat Monday!  This should be the last day (for a few days at least :-) ) that I preempt my usual theme.  As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to give my two cents on Moody's wrap-up for his vegan challenge! First, I want to thank him again for being my second participant and a great sport! Even though he has decided that he won't be going vegan, I'm glad he went through with it and learned some valuable things along the way.  The purpose of this challenge is not just to try to get people to become vegans, but rather to take a closer look at the dietary choices made each day. 

As Moody mentioned, as a vegan, it does require you to examine everything you put into your mouth.  I realize that veganism is not for everybody, but the main point I would like to drive home is to educate yourself about the foods you eat.  As Moody said in the video, he and I had a discussion the other day about how meticulous we are about what we wear, what we drive and where we live, but oftentimes when it comes to our health, we tend to not be as diligent.  The fact of the matter is, none of the above mentioned will matter if you we don't have a healthy body to put in any of it! 

If doing a formal vegan or vegetarian challenge is not for you, then I strongly urge you to just challenge yourself to do better by your body each day. Whether it be exercising a little bit more, eating more fruits and veggies or trading in your diet coke for water- do something in which your body will thank you.  As I told you, I'm embarking on a challenge of my own starting today, in order to keep growing and being the best I can for myself and others.

In closing, I pray that whatever choice you make regarding your health is always an educated one and I hope to continue to be of assistance. 

In love and health always,