MOVE OVER MEAT MONDAYS- Vegan Challenge Day 4

Hey folks,

Welcome to Move Over Meat Monday!  Time again to check in with our current vegan challenge participant to see how Day 4 went for him.

I must state two things first:

1) We did go to RFD back in the day and Moody did get sick because I believe there was sesame or peanut-can't remember which- in the food and he had a severe allergic reaction unfortunately.  Not a good way to introduce someone to vegan cuisine.  I still go there and perhaps one day, Moody will venture back..:-) It goes to show you must be extra careful when ordering food out vegan or not!  I also think that servers must also be extremely well versed and careful when serving food as well.

2) I told Moody, that I have NEVER had the Tofurkey pizza.  Someone told me they heard it was good.  I also told Moody that the person who told me it was good said to get the plain cheese variety ONLY!  So, sorry Moody, I'm not taking the blame for this one! LOLOLOL!!

Okay now folks, on to the video!  If you haven't seen the other three- make sure to check them out!


  1. I smiled through the video but busted out laughing at the writing at the end!


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