Happy Physical Fitness Friday!

Tomorrow you will be getting Moody's last video of the vegan challenge.  He has hung in there like a champ and I'm very proud of his efforts, his honesty and of course his jokes!  Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the wrap-up!  I'm anxiously awaiting my next participant! C'mon folks!

Okay, so today I will be sticking to the theme!  A lot of times I find we get caught up in only thinking about traditional ways to exercise, the gym, dvd's etc.  I believe any activity that gets you moving and using those muscles qualifies for exercise.  Now of course some activities require more physical effort than others and produce different results, but the key is to do activities you enjoy and switch it up from time to time!

One fun activity that can be great fun is bowling.  I believe this is definitely something you can do and don't even think about it being exercise! says reports: "Bowling helps burn fat. As you flex your muscles with every twisting, swinging and turning motion that you perform while you are bowling you can actually find yourself burning a little bit of the excess body fat you have accumulated over the years. Depending on how much you weigh and how much effort you use, a game of bowling can burn anywhere from 170 to 300 calories." Who would have thought huh?!  Gives you just another good reason to gather up some friends and lace up some bowling shoes a couple times a month right?!