Hey folks,

Yes, I know it's Physical Fitness Friday, but the next several days my usual themes will be preempted to bring you my friend John Moody's daily video journal of his experience doing my seven day vegan challenge!!  You can definitely expect to continue being entertained by him..LOL!

In today's video, he brings up some very interesting points that I will address in the introduction to the next his next video posting. 

Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions of John Moody are his and are not all necessarily supported and shared by me.  I do not want to be banned from the two places where I spend most of my dollars!! LOL!!  Enjoy!


  1. I really paused the player and was going to exit the site because he looked like it was such a sincere request, but now I feel silly because that HAS to be a joke since the video is posted here. He surely can't really expect privacy - so I'm turning it back on now... (I will never admit who this is!)

  2. HA HA! I'm glad I didn't miss that last part. I sure know about those tiny pizzas with the huge prices. But you know, buying better food is like buying Loreal hair color - are you worth it? I feel like I have to sign off, but I did say I wouldn't admit who I was. So I'll just pick an initial at random. Okay 3 initials. SCS. They stand for something I can remember. I'll use them from now on! Thanks as usual, SCS

  3. LOLOLOLOLOL...too funny! I feel you SCS ( I won't beg you to reveal yourself, although I would love to know) he really did appear sincere..I'm glad you didn't miss that part..HILARIOUS! I also agree..yes, when it comes to buying better food, we are worth it! Thanks for watching and commenting!


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