Hey folks,

Today's edition of Savory Sundays will send you digging through my archives again for some recipe ideas.  As you know these next few days or so are dedicated to challenges in one form or fashion.  I haven't yet received Moody's installment today for the vegan challenge, so I'm going to switch gears and give you the skinny on my participation in Mike's (my first challenge participant) 21 day challenge.  I told you I was going to reveal this information to you today anyway.  Stay tuned for the next video from Moody!

Anyway, I posted a video about this the other day and if you missed it, you can get it by clicking here for all the details.  Anyway, I told him I would participate in the challenge and so after some consideration I decided to not eat any processed foods and eat a 50% raw vegan diet for the 21 days.  I will post here periodically about it and as well on Mike's blog page as well.  My goal is always to strive to do better for my health each day and make sure I'm centering my diet mostly around live, whole foods.  Instead of picking up vegan meal replacement bars or something else in a vegan "package", I'm going to be going more for the whole fruits and veggies and not cook them as much. 

So, I will begin this challenge on Monday, January 17th and will post a reminder about this on that day so you can keep up with me and get all the deets on how I'm feelin' it! I'm looking forward to it and to more of you partaking in the vegetarian, vegan or 21 day challenge!!  Upward and onward to even better versions of ourselves!! :-) Let's do it!